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  1. Taking place across three floors of the museum, this exhibition will encapsulate the full range of Theaster Gates’s artistic activities, featuring artworks produced over the past twenty years and site-specific environments created especially for this presentation. Gates has titled the exhibition “Young Lords and Their Traces” in honor of the radical thinkers who have shaped
  2. Let’s see how things are going. No theorizing or poeticizing. A commercial art gallery is treated like a shop, or rather like an exclusive boutique. It is not so much the objects that are bought as the value contained in them. The value of art is defined and created in various ways. There are short
  3. The exhibition comprises a large-scale new work, a flotilla of boats, unique objects made of found wood collected during walks along the British coastline. Presented as an installation of hundreds, delicate and intricate, they become part of an epic whole. Nine ‘proposals’ start the exhibition, a method that Liversidge has pursued for 27 years. Each
  4. The formless sensuality of matter The English word pulse is a powerful term whose sound already suggests the various nuances of its meaning, each with its own poetic sense: it indicates an impulse of the body (heartbeat, detected by taking one’s pulse), a rhythm (as in music), and also a force, in its meaning of

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