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  1. 9th Futurological Congress, Bratislava Chapter: TALK TO ME! (The Future of Language)
    Participants: Julieta Aranda, Daniel Grúň, Karl Holmqvist, Chaosdroid & Boris Vitázek, Boris Ondreička, Ayumi Paul, Peter Sit, Tony Yanick The third iteration of The 9th Futurological Congress will be held in Bratislava on 22-23 September, 2018, at the auditorium of the Slovak Radio Building. Thinking about the future is embedded in human nature –it is a by-product of being aware of our own mortality. But when we look towards the future at this particular point in the narrative of our planet, we are facing the consequences of our development as a singled-out species, and of placing ourselves at the center of the stage, as if we, humans, were the only actors that matter, and as if everything else that surrounds was only resources, that can be deployed and exhausted in the name of History.
  2. Frieze London & Frieze Masters 2018
    Frieze London and Frieze Masters return to The Regent's Park from October 4–7, 2018, coinciding with Frieze Sculpture and together catalyzing the most significant week in London’s cultural calendar. Frieze London Frieze London 2018 will showcase the best of international contemporary art, with a discerning selection of around 160 galleries presenting their most forward-thinking artists and imaginative presentations.
  3. A Blade of Grass launches magazine about socially engaged art
    A Blade of Grass (ABOG), an arts nonprofit and content creator dedicated specifically to supporting socially engaged art, is pleased to announce the launch of a new biannual magazine. In its first issue, ABOG Magazine presents a collection of writings by artists, curators, and thought leaders in the socially engaged art field focused specifically on the theme of “where,” lifting up the tendency of socially engaged art to inhabit alternative spaces not necessarily designed for aesthetic presentation. ArtPlace America director Jamie Bennett, arts and cultural advisor and scholar Maria Rosario Jackson, and City of Oakland Cultural Affairs Manager Roberto Bedoya share insights and critical examinations of the practice of creative placemaking in a collective interview conducted by civic practice artist Michael Rohd.
  4. Tribeca Art+Culture Night two-year anniversary
    The 9th edition of Tribeca Art+Culture Night will mark the festival’s two-year anniversary. On September 26, over 40 diverse Lower Manhattan spaces—10 fine art galleries, 6 design spaces, 7 art-non profits & university galleries, 2 performance spaces, 12 artists studios, 11 pop up & non-traditional spaces and 2 public spaces—will be offering a concerted program showcasing over 250 artists & creatives and 15 exclusive events. Through exhibitions, performances, and workshops, this Fall edition of Tribeca Art+Culture Night will spotlight contemporary art, design, fashion, dance, virtual reality, music, theatre and crafts, and feature both popular and obscure locations in Tribeca, including spaces typically closed to the public.
  5. Flash Art no. 322
    We are pleased to announce that the September–October issue of Flash Art is out now. The cover of this issue of Flash Art portrays Tony Conrad, an avant-garde filmmaker, pioneering musician, artist, theorist, philosopher, committed teacher, and activist. On the occasion of Conrad’s traveling retrospective, soon on view at the MIT List Visual Arts Center and the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University, we dedicate a twelve-page dossier to this unique figure in the recent history of arts and culture.
  6. 9th edition of MIA Photo Fair: applications open
    MIA Photo Fair, the international photography and moving image art fair of Italy, will stage its 9th edition in Milan from Friday, March 22 to Monday, March 25, 2019 at The Mall—Porta Nuova. The VIP opening will take place on Thursday, March 21. MIA Photo Fair is currently accepting applications for the solo show and the group show sections from galleries presenting curatorial projects.
  7. Surface Matters at Mutina
    On 24 September, MUT inaugurates Surface Matters, a special project dedicated to photography which for the first time interacts with the ceramic surfaces of a specifically-designed exhibition display inside the Mutina building. Important photographic works selected from the collection of Massimo Orsini and presented on ceramic wall modules, challenge surface, the gaze and their own narrative content. Not just an exhibition, but an unexpected path of images, an innovative stratified setting in close dialogue with the architecture of the space.
  8. Arte Fiera: application opening for the coming edition
    Under the new artistic direction of Simone Menegoi, the 48-year-old curator and critic, the 2019 edition of Arte Fiera begins a process of total renewal. The key word for the new approach is “selection.” Arte Fiera 2019 will introduce a new requisite for participation: the galleries are invited to present a limited number of artists (only three artists for stands of up to 64m2 and up to a maximum of six for stands larger than 72m2).
  9. Glenn Ligon’s first exhibition at Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris
    For his first solo exhibition at Galerie Chantal Crousel, Glenn Ligon presents a new series of large and small silkscreen and ink marker paintings, based on abstracted letter forms; two figurative neon installations inspired by an uncompleted project of Pier Paolo Pasolini; ten oil stick and coal dust paintings on paper quoting a Gertrude Stein text. Since the 1990s, Glenn Ligon has been exploring American history, literature and society by turning focusing on words, their meaning and illegibility. Relying on various literary sources such as texts by James Baldwin, Gertrude Stein, Walt Whitman or Jean Genet to name only a few, his approach gives palpable density and weight to the word.
  10. X-TRA: new issue, new look
    The new print design has “the seriousness of a journal and the loudness of a magazine,” says our designer Becca Lofchie. Order your copy to see Becca’s playful re-imagining of the pages of X-TRA, or subscribe now and get the whole volume. In the issue: Soft Talk: Thoughts on Critique by Leslie Dick Review Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away by Travis Diehl Review Kim Schoen: The Hysteric’s Discourse by Georgia Lassner Artist’s Project Clay baby spodomancy by Kaari Upson Review Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago and Circles and Circuits: Chinese Caribbean Art by Anuradha Vikram Floor Plans: Pieter, PAM, and Machine Project by Meg Whiteford Interview Tea for Three Plus One: Conversation with Simone Forti, Steve Paxton, and Yvonne Rainer by Simon Leung Order the issue now Start reading Subscribe by becoming a member: x-traonline.